Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So here's an idea coming from a continent I have yet to explore...India. And what a clever idea at that. Rediffusion DY&R came up with a unique idea to advertise all the hairstyles available at Juice Salon...on an escalator?

Yep! A picture of a mans face up to his forehead was posted on the base of the escalator. A different hairstyle was posted on each of its steps, so as the escalator moved down, the man was continually given a new do.

What a cool and innovative idea! I'm surprised we don't see more of this escalator advertising. It's such an obvious way to catch the undivided attention of the riders. If you're on an escalator, you can't get off until you reach the bottom, so really, there is no escaping these advertisements. Plus, this saves everyone from those potentially awkward 30 seconds of "where do i look," during the trip downstairs. This is definitely one of the coolest advertising concepts i have seen recently. Job well done!!!

Take a look at the escalator advertising here


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