Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hubba Bubba!

Hubba Bubba Bubblegum just came out with a very unexpected, slightly gross, maybe even a little controversial, campaign. How many times have you heard, "don't play with your gum, that gross." Well now, Hubba Bubba is telling us to do just that.

Everywhere you go, streets and sidewalks are polka dotted with chewing gum, and their aim is to tackle that exact problem. So some creative genius over at DDB (located in Sydney, Australia,) thought back to his childhood fun with "paint by numbers," and decided to incorporate it into their campaign. What a great idea to keep our streets clean. And as the whole "green movement" becomes increasingly important to people, Huba Bubba has been receiving quite a lot of praise for the idea. But still, i find playing with my gum, and that of complete strangers, to be just a little gross.

Basically, the entire campaign revolves around these interactive "paint by numbers" style posters with the idea of using the different gum flavors as the color palette. The aim is to get people to go out and buy some Hubba Bubba so they can join in on the fun.

Gross? Maybe. Creative? Sure. Unexpected? Definitely! All in all, i'd call it a win for Hubba Bubba! And a good excuse to buy some bublegum, after all, your only helping to keep the environment clean, right?


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