Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So here's an idea coming from a continent I have yet to explore...India. And what a clever idea at that. Rediffusion DY&R came up with a unique idea to advertise all the hairstyles available at Juice Salon...on an escalator?

Yep! A picture of a mans face up to his forehead was posted on the base of the escalator. A different hairstyle was posted on each of its steps, so as the escalator moved down, the man was continually given a new do.

What a cool and innovative idea! I'm surprised we don't see more of this escalator advertising. It's such an obvious way to catch the undivided attention of the riders. If you're on an escalator, you can't get off until you reach the bottom, so really, there is no escaping these advertisements. Plus, this saves everyone from those potentially awkward 30 seconds of "where do i look," during the trip downstairs. This is definitely one of the coolest advertising concepts i have seen recently. Job well done!!!

Take a look at the escalator advertising here


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hitting the Slopes

Venture Communications, an advertising agency out of Toronto, has come up with a new campaign for Travel Alberta, which brings the Rockies right to the skiers. Well not literally, but the idea is pretty cool. I know I've discussed cool outdoor advertisements before but...this one does something a little bit different than the others.

Basically, in select locations across Toronto, Venture Communications created makeshift mountains. By putting up posters of the Rockies, they were able to turn benches into "chair lifts." This was quite an unexpected way to transform the expected. Going one step further, creating makeshift snow and skis on the floor gives the "rider" the feeling of really being there.

At least to the ski bunnies in the area, these transit benches should prove to be quite a turn on. Anyone that loves to ski knows it doesn't take much convincing to get them to hit the slopes. This is a great way to throw out the idea in a non-aggressive way. And to everyone else, hey, at least they snazz up the dirty old buss stations for now.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Peachy Keen

Maybe none of us have skin that is literally, "good enough to eat," but the new ad campaign for Ella Bache's skin line claims their products will help you achieve something pretty darn close.

Once again, this campaign is coming out of Australia, thanks to the ad agency BMF. The new campaign is called "skin good enough to eat," so what better way to promote it than with a giant sized woman made out of peaches? Weird, but cool. The giant naked woman is made out of 24,000 peaches, measuring 5 meters high and 12 meters long.

I can't find information anywhere discussing whether or not the peaches are real. I can't imagine they are. Who would put all that effort and time into an advertising campaign that could rot within a week? If i find anything out i'll keep you posted. And because not everyone can sneak a peak at the naked woman in Sydney's Fleet Park, i figured I'd let you get a glimpse of it here.

This video also shows the making of the giant peachy woman. Delish


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bless You

So, we've already discussed bus shelters that smell good...but bus shelters that sneeze on you? What's that all about?

It's a new advertising campaign for Science World, a museum in Vancouver. The advertisement was placed in bus shelters and simply features a large yellow circle with the Science World logo in it, and instructions to "press here and we'll explain."

When the button is pressed, the familiar "achoo" sound is played, along with a spritz of water to the face. Then, a voice says, "did you know that a sneeze can travel 12 feet and hover for three hours? It's true. And gross. But hey, you've learned something! Science World-We can explain."

The concept behind the campaign was to present an interesting fact in a nontraditional way, in hopes of getting people to the museum wanting to learn more. I'd say it was a job well done. Take a look at this video to watch people's reactions, its pretty funny.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hubba Bubba!

Hubba Bubba Bubblegum just came out with a very unexpected, slightly gross, maybe even a little controversial, campaign. How many times have you heard, "don't play with your gum, that gross." Well now, Hubba Bubba is telling us to do just that.

Everywhere you go, streets and sidewalks are polka dotted with chewing gum, and their aim is to tackle that exact problem. So some creative genius over at DDB (located in Sydney, Australia,) thought back to his childhood fun with "paint by numbers," and decided to incorporate it into their campaign. What a great idea to keep our streets clean. And as the whole "green movement" becomes increasingly important to people, Huba Bubba has been receiving quite a lot of praise for the idea. But still, i find playing with my gum, and that of complete strangers, to be just a little gross.

Basically, the entire campaign revolves around these interactive "paint by numbers" style posters with the idea of using the different gum flavors as the color palette. The aim is to get people to go out and buy some Hubba Bubba so they can join in on the fun.

Gross? Maybe. Creative? Sure. Unexpected? Definitely! All in all, i'd call it a win for Hubba Bubba! And a good excuse to buy some bublegum, after all, your only helping to keep the environment clean, right?


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Take a Walk in Somone Else's Shoes!

Any sandal lover has surely heard of the brand Haviana. They make sandals for girls and guys in every color and print imaginable. And while those $5 Old Navy ones may seem a bit tempting, the $15 is well worth the splurge for a pair of nice Havianas. They withstand the weather way better, and are much easier to keep clean.

But enough of my sales pitch. The Haviana brand just came out with a new campaign, and wait until you take a look at what BBDO NY has created. Two separate campaigns were launched, both as equally creative and unexpected as the next.

The first is a series of sandal shaped planters filled with flowers to promote the new floral design. Pretty cool!

Yet i must admit, the second part of the campaign is even cooler, or at least i think so. Not only are door mats a neat new place to advertise...but doormats with pop out sandals? That just sounds too good to be true. Basically the concept is that when you're leaving your house, you pop out the sandals from the mat, and slip them on. And when you get home? You guessed it, you just slip them right back in to complete the welcome mat.

Too bad they are a limited edition creation, I'd love to get my hands, or feet for that matter, on one of them.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Call me Crazy...

Sometimes advertising is crazy, and sometimes, it just makes you think you're crazy. This is a case of the latter.

A billboard in NYC for the new show on A&E, Paranormal State, is equipped with speakers. The crazy part is that because the advertisement uses hypersonic sound beams, the sound waves resonate against whatever surface they hit. That way, when they hit your head, it sounds like a creepy whisper is coming from inside your own brain. The billboard, which reads "73% of Americans believe," implies that 73% of Americans believe in ghosts. The speakers sitting on top of the billboard transmit the sound of a woman whispering, "It's not your imagination, whose there?"

The technology is called Holosonic, which projects sounds literally right into your own ears. Creative? Yes! But this may just be a case of invasion of privacy. I don't want anyone getting inside my brain dictating what i think, and i can assure you that there are many that would agree with me. In my opinion, this is just a case of advertising gone too far. I commend them on an innovative idea, yet their creativity shouldn't come at the expense of my sanity.

Listen here...