Thursday, February 7, 2008

Take a Walk in Somone Else's Shoes!

Any sandal lover has surely heard of the brand Haviana. They make sandals for girls and guys in every color and print imaginable. And while those $5 Old Navy ones may seem a bit tempting, the $15 is well worth the splurge for a pair of nice Havianas. They withstand the weather way better, and are much easier to keep clean.

But enough of my sales pitch. The Haviana brand just came out with a new campaign, and wait until you take a look at what BBDO NY has created. Two separate campaigns were launched, both as equally creative and unexpected as the next.

The first is a series of sandal shaped planters filled with flowers to promote the new floral design. Pretty cool!

Yet i must admit, the second part of the campaign is even cooler, or at least i think so. Not only are door mats a neat new place to advertise...but doormats with pop out sandals? That just sounds too good to be true. Basically the concept is that when you're leaving your house, you pop out the sandals from the mat, and slip them on. And when you get home? You guessed it, you just slip them right back in to complete the welcome mat.

Too bad they are a limited edition creation, I'd love to get my hands, or feet for that matter, on one of them.


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