Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Call me Crazy...

Sometimes advertising is crazy, and sometimes, it just makes you think you're crazy. This is a case of the latter.

A billboard in NYC for the new show on A&E, Paranormal State, is equipped with speakers. The crazy part is that because the advertisement uses hypersonic sound beams, the sound waves resonate against whatever surface they hit. That way, when they hit your head, it sounds like a creepy whisper is coming from inside your own brain. The billboard, which reads "73% of Americans believe," implies that 73% of Americans believe in ghosts. The speakers sitting on top of the billboard transmit the sound of a woman whispering, "It's not your imagination, whose there?"

The technology is called Holosonic, which projects sounds literally right into your own ears. Creative? Yes! But this may just be a case of invasion of privacy. I don't want anyone getting inside my brain dictating what i think, and i can assure you that there are many that would agree with me. In my opinion, this is just a case of advertising gone too far. I commend them on an innovative idea, yet their creativity shouldn't come at the expense of my sanity.

Listen here...


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odddreams said...

that's super crazy creepy odd.