Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Peachy Keen

Maybe none of us have skin that is literally, "good enough to eat," but the new ad campaign for Ella Bache's skin line claims their products will help you achieve something pretty darn close.

Once again, this campaign is coming out of Australia, thanks to the ad agency BMF. The new campaign is called "skin good enough to eat," so what better way to promote it than with a giant sized woman made out of peaches? Weird, but cool. The giant naked woman is made out of 24,000 peaches, measuring 5 meters high and 12 meters long.

I can't find information anywhere discussing whether or not the peaches are real. I can't imagine they are. Who would put all that effort and time into an advertising campaign that could rot within a week? If i find anything out i'll keep you posted. And because not everyone can sneak a peak at the naked woman in Sydney's Fleet Park, i figured I'd let you get a glimpse of it here.

This video also shows the making of the giant peachy woman. Delish


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