Thursday, April 3, 2008

Strip Tease?

Advertising agency H&C-Leo Burnett, Beirut, (definitely check out their website, its really cool) in collaboration with Kellogs', just came out with a new campaign that i must say is possibly the most untraditional one we have yet to discuss.

Kellog's is a very well known brand that prides itself on being a healthy choice, and ultimately, a good meal when trying to lose weight. With the health craze going on right now, its obvious that this is a trait they will surely benefit from advertising. But how did they creatively go about it? Well just take a look:

Personally, i think its hysterical, and a SURE way to make someone stop for a second look. Some buzz claims its distasteful, and i don't totally disagree. I think the unexpectedness and cleverness weighs out any of these negative opinions.

Yet, i really can't decide what kind of store would allow this in their window...and how much Kellogs' had to pay for it. It definitely doesn't make the store look good. My opinion? I'm obsessed with this campaign. Kellogs' makes your jeans drop...a size that is!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Grim Reaper

Every winter, thousands die on the cold streets. Agency Philipp and Keuntje, coming out of Germany, put out an unexpected campaign to handle the very real issue.

The entire point of the campaign was to make others realize just how serious the situation is. And how did they go about doing it? Making use of the Grim Reaper, obviously. They dressed a mannequin as the Grim Reaper and placed him on a street sign, to look as if he was holding a scythe.

The mannequin's also had on a sign stating, "Every winter, people die on the streets. Help us stop this from happening."

There is no denying that seeing the Grim Reaper on the streets will get one to stop and think. And the correlation between death and the streets was made obvious through the campaign. I think this was a very powerful way to get the point across bluntly.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Feed the Homeless

We all know that there is a problem with homelessness, especially in major metropolitan areas. Advertising agency Clemenger BBDO, coming from Melbourne, Australia, came up with a campaign to help raise awareness about this real problem.

Garbage cans around Melbourne were turned into advertisements with just a few simple additions. By adding the image of a fork, knife, and napkin to either side of the garbage, they created a real clutter buster advertisement. The campaign slogan, while not anything super creative, definitely helped to get the point across. "For the homeless, every day is a struggle. Donate today and help us feed the homeless."

This campaign was an extremely clever way to get a very simple point across making use of what was already around. And the image is sure to get people talking. At least it made me stop and think. What do you think? Take a look. Source ibelieveinadv


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Black Lips

So this is something completely different than we have discussed yet. It didn't come out of a big shot agency for a big name brand. Instead, some smart rockers thought of a very clever way to promote their concert.

The Black Lips, a band that considers itself a rough mishmash of blues, rock, doo-wop, country and punk, was set to have a concert on March 10 in the East Village. Yet unfortunately, all the concert poster space was taken. Their idea? Guerilla marketing. The band members went around the village and drew black lips on other posters, with the date and venue for their show.

This is surely a good usage of making do with what you have. And with what they were given, i cant think of many betters ways to advertise their show. However, in cities such as New York, graffiti and defamation of posters is rampant. Thus, city dwellers are likely to look right past it without even noticing it is there. Even more so, unless you know of the Black Lips, the scirbble will probably mean nothing to you.

Either way, i think the Black Lips deserve an applause for managing to create a very untraditional campaign with no agency and no ad space. Encore! Big thanks to Guerrilla Communication for this story!!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Arrive Alive

The Jupiter Drawing Room, an advertising agency located in South Africa just came up with an extremely clever and thought provoking campaign to deter drunk driving. The campaign title? Arrive Alive: Drunk.

The concept is simple: make people think about the consequences of driving drunk. So how did they go about doing this? Simple. A tiny poster was hung above toilets around South Africa stating, " Take a seat and think about the consequences of drunk driving." The toilet seats were then adorned with wheelchair tires on either side. Get it?

Scary and real and thought provoking. What a creative way to promote safe driving. Way to go!


Monday, March 17, 2008

Personalize it

The Australia Post came up with a new concept; personalized stamps. In order to get the word out, M&C Saatchi in Melbourne, Australia, came out with a clever campaign.

The Australia Post campaign, like many others, takes place in bus and transit shelters. As we know, transit shelters are definitely an efficient way to grab the attention of a wide range of consumers, especially those in major cities. The shelters were adorned with big envelopes. Cleverly, where the stamp would normally go, M&C Saarchi placed a mirror instead, thus showcasing that you can get whatever you want on your stamps.

Plus, a mirror is always a handy thing to have around. Give someone a mirror, and they are bound to look into it. If this theory of mine stands true (which I'm guessing it does in 90% of people,) then this campaign is sure to grab the attention of transit goers. Cool Concept! yet I'm curious if people will really even use the stamps...does anyone care enough to actually personalize them? We'll have to stay tuned and see.


Friday, March 7, 2008

Pedigree Puppy Promotion

Ad agency TBWA, created an advertising campaign for Pedigree Puppy Formula in South Africa. The idea was to create awareness of the many benefits this puppy chow has. And how did they go about doing this? Well, just take a look at this creative idea.

Playing off the concept of dog-flaps (which is still a little strange to me. Aren't those flaps normally for cats? Maybe not,) TBWA placed decals of the flaps on doors throughout suburban neighborhoods. Yet, instead of placing them at the bottom of the door where they are normally found, they placed them on the top, implying that Pedigree Puppy Formula will give your puppy enough energy to jump through the top.

Even more clever? They slipped samples of the formula under the front doors. Sometimes thats all it takes to create brand loyalty. What a creative idea with an added bonus; free samples. Hopefully it works!