Thursday, March 27, 2008

Black Lips

So this is something completely different than we have discussed yet. It didn't come out of a big shot agency for a big name brand. Instead, some smart rockers thought of a very clever way to promote their concert.

The Black Lips, a band that considers itself a rough mishmash of blues, rock, doo-wop, country and punk, was set to have a concert on March 10 in the East Village. Yet unfortunately, all the concert poster space was taken. Their idea? Guerilla marketing. The band members went around the village and drew black lips on other posters, with the date and venue for their show.

This is surely a good usage of making do with what you have. And with what they were given, i cant think of many betters ways to advertise their show. However, in cities such as New York, graffiti and defamation of posters is rampant. Thus, city dwellers are likely to look right past it without even noticing it is there. Even more so, unless you know of the Black Lips, the scirbble will probably mean nothing to you.

Either way, i think the Black Lips deserve an applause for managing to create a very untraditional campaign with no agency and no ad space. Encore! Big thanks to Guerrilla Communication for this story!!


1 comment:

SeamusF said...

Can't argue with relevance. This promotion definitely has to do with their brand.

But, as much as I want to laud this promotion because of its relevance, I think there is a line between vandalism and art and this is just flat out graffiti. I love the thought that went into it though and the use of graffiti (a familiar site for most NYCers) would definitely hit home with anyone that would be just would have been ideal if they were able to post their OWN posters and devalue them >.<.