Friday, March 7, 2008

Pedigree Puppy Promotion

Ad agency TBWA, created an advertising campaign for Pedigree Puppy Formula in South Africa. The idea was to create awareness of the many benefits this puppy chow has. And how did they go about doing this? Well, just take a look at this creative idea.

Playing off the concept of dog-flaps (which is still a little strange to me. Aren't those flaps normally for cats? Maybe not,) TBWA placed decals of the flaps on doors throughout suburban neighborhoods. Yet, instead of placing them at the bottom of the door where they are normally found, they placed them on the top, implying that Pedigree Puppy Formula will give your puppy enough energy to jump through the top.

Even more clever? They slipped samples of the formula under the front doors. Sometimes thats all it takes to create brand loyalty. What a creative idea with an added bonus; free samples. Hopefully it works!


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Kim Gregson said...

2 ads for week 6 - 10 points