Thursday, April 3, 2008

Strip Tease?

Advertising agency H&C-Leo Burnett, Beirut, (definitely check out their website, its really cool) in collaboration with Kellogs', just came out with a new campaign that i must say is possibly the most untraditional one we have yet to discuss.

Kellog's is a very well known brand that prides itself on being a healthy choice, and ultimately, a good meal when trying to lose weight. With the health craze going on right now, its obvious that this is a trait they will surely benefit from advertising. But how did they creatively go about it? Well just take a look:

Personally, i think its hysterical, and a SURE way to make someone stop for a second look. Some buzz claims its distasteful, and i don't totally disagree. I think the unexpectedness and cleverness weighs out any of these negative opinions.

Yet, i really can't decide what kind of store would allow this in their window...and how much Kellogs' had to pay for it. It definitely doesn't make the store look good. My opinion? I'm obsessed with this campaign. Kellogs' makes your jeans drop...a size that is!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Grim Reaper

Every winter, thousands die on the cold streets. Agency Philipp and Keuntje, coming out of Germany, put out an unexpected campaign to handle the very real issue.

The entire point of the campaign was to make others realize just how serious the situation is. And how did they go about doing it? Making use of the Grim Reaper, obviously. They dressed a mannequin as the Grim Reaper and placed him on a street sign, to look as if he was holding a scythe.

The mannequin's also had on a sign stating, "Every winter, people die on the streets. Help us stop this from happening."

There is no denying that seeing the Grim Reaper on the streets will get one to stop and think. And the correlation between death and the streets was made obvious through the campaign. I think this was a very powerful way to get the point across bluntly.