Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Grim Reaper

Every winter, thousands die on the cold streets. Agency Philipp and Keuntje, coming out of Germany, put out an unexpected campaign to handle the very real issue.

The entire point of the campaign was to make others realize just how serious the situation is. And how did they go about doing it? Making use of the Grim Reaper, obviously. They dressed a mannequin as the Grim Reaper and placed him on a street sign, to look as if he was holding a scythe.

The mannequin's also had on a sign stating, "Every winter, people die on the streets. Help us stop this from happening."

There is no denying that seeing the Grim Reaper on the streets will get one to stop and think. And the correlation between death and the streets was made obvious through the campaign. I think this was a very powerful way to get the point across bluntly.


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