Monday, January 28, 2008

Pass the Charmin, Please!

More than ever before, advertisements and marketing gimmicks are showing up in the most unexpected places. But, the bathroom...really?

YUP! According to a video blog on, Charmin is hitting the big city again. Check the video out here ( ) This holiday season, Procter & Gamble's Charmin decided to take their products to the masses by letting consumers actually test their papers in the lavish public "Charmin Bathrooms." For the second year in a row, Charmin used actual toilets as their advertising medium of choice. BRILLIANT. By opening 20 public bathrooms in Times Square, they were able to create quite a buzz surrounding their brand. More so, by giving the bathroom-goers a choice of six different textures, thousands of city shoppers were exposed to their various products. And because NYC during the busy holiday season gets shoppers from all over the world, it was a perfect place and time for the campaign. In a city screaming for more public bathroom facilities, these lavish restrooms got more than their fair share of a*s :)

WOW!!! What a genius idea by the Procter & Gamble crew; advertise your product by letting consumers experience it in their times of need. This surely helped to make Charmin a top of mind brand, and it definitely persuaded many shoppers to pick up a roll next time they hit the supermarket. In a society so saturated by advertising and marketing, it is important and necessary to go a step above the rest and do something really unexpected in order to stand out. And at the end of the day, P&G not only stood out, but also created a compelling and relevant brand experience in a very engaging way. Way to go!

Take a look: --Watch this, it's really cool!


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